St Anne's Digital Classroom

Dear children, parents and carers,

We continue to develop St Anne's excellent learning opportunities during the school day and recognise the essential role digital applications have in supporting and challenging children in their learning.  We have invested considerable finances and staff training into developing teachers' knowledge and understanding of how digital platforms can be used to consolidate prior learning and also used to enhance further learning opportunities.  The use of artificial intelligence to develop individual learning opportunities supports a digitally smart approach to teaching and learning. 

St Anne's digital classroom will provide access to the range of platforms we currently use to support teaching and learning collaboratively between the brick wall classroom and the digital classroom.  

Education is the best approach to help our children learn how to enjoy using technology in a safe and rewarding environment.  There is a dedicated page for our children and families to learn about online safety.  This information is provided from the National Online Safety Hub.

The school's remote education provision was presented to families through the blended learning policy.  This policy was produced at the time of National Lockdown and would be amended as appropriate, in light of the need for future remote educational provision.

Please click on the learning platforms on the left hand side for more information as to how the digital classroom can help your child learn.

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