At St Annes, we believe that science should stimulate and excite pupils’ curiosity about the world around them. Whenever possible, the children apply their knowledge to a wider context and make meaningful links with other curriculum areas. They learn to work as scientists, planning and undertaking practical investigations.

In EYFS, the children learn Science through Knowledge and Understanding of the World. The activities are linked with everyday life. The children are introduced to the Working Scientifically Skills in the lessons. Due to mixed classes EYFS and Year 1, the staff plan to teach Science through the Year 1 objectives and differentiated activities to give entitlement of the curriculum for all of the children.

In KS1, we encourage children to ask questions and help them to develop their understanding of scientific ideas by using different types of enquiry to answer their questions. They use simple scientific language to talk about what they have found out and communicate their ideas in a variety of ways. Most of their learning is done through the use of practical, first hand experiences.In KS2, we encourage the children to make their own decisions about what types of scientific enquiry are likely to be best to answer their questions. They carry out simple, comparative and fair tests. They draw simple conclusions and use scientific language. In upper KS2, pupils draw conclusions based on their data and observations, use evidence to justify their ideas and use their scientific knowledge and understanding to explain their findings. They carry out repeat tests to check the reliability of their results. They use a range of secondary resources to support their learning.

Mrs R Brookfield
Science Subject Leader


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