St Anne's School Staff


St Anne's has a large staff who all work as one to help make our school a wonderful place.  Please click on each tab for more information.



St Anne's School Leadership Team 


Headteacher Mr P Bates
Deputy Headteacher and KS2 lead Mrs G Cleary
Curriculum Lead and EYFS/KS1 lead Mrs J Preston

Mr P Bates


Mrs G Cleary

Deputy Headteacher
Safeguarding DSL

Mrs J Preston

Curriculum Lead
RE Lead



Class 1 Mrs J Seddon
Class 2 Miss A Bailie
Class 3                             Mrs Rawlinson/Mrs Avington
Class 4        Miss Reardon
Class 5        Miss Banks
Class 6        Mrs Preston
Class 7        Miss Williams
Class 8        Mr Batchelor
Class 9        Mrs Brookfield
Class 10       Miss Rawlinson
Class 11      Miss Disley
Class 12      Mr Knowles
Class 13      Mrs Cleary
Class 14     Mrs Hewitson/Mrs Walker


Mrs Y Dunn                                                                              EYFS/Key Stage 1/Key Stage 2 - Specialist SEND Mentor
Mrs L Foulds           Key Stage 2
Mrs L Scott EYFS/Key Stage 1
Miss E Williams Key Stage 1/Key Stage 2


Mrs S Phillipson EYFS
Mrs E Robinson  Key Stage 1
Miss J Johnston Key Stage 1
Mrs L Bell Key Stage 2
Mrs J Carter  Key Stage 2
Miss A Barton Key Stage 2
Mrs J Kershaw Key Stage 2
Mrs M Tobin Key Stage 2


Office Manager Mrs C Penlington
Business Manager Mrs H Oates


Mrs J Kershaw                                                                  Lead Supervisor EYFS/Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2
Mrs S Butler EYFS/KS1
Mrs R Hales EYFS/KS1
Miss J Johnson EYFS/KS1
Mrs M Robinson EYFS/KS1
Mrs L Scott EYFS/KS1
Miss A Barton KS2
Miss E Robinson KS2
Mrs C Kershaw KS2
Mrs D Lawson KS2

Mrs D Collins

Miss L Lloyd KS2


  St Anne's Caretaker
Mrs D Collins Cleaner
Mrs C Hunt Cleaner
Mr M Mooney Cleaner
Mrs M Robinson Cleaner


Mrs Banner Extended Services Manager
Mrs Kershaw  Breakfast Club Deputy Manager
Mrs L Scott Breakfast Club Staff
Mrs Robinson Breakfast Club Staff
Miss Gregson Breakfast Club Staff
Mrs Phillipson Breakfast Club Staff
  After School Club Deputy Manager
Miss Lloyd After School Club Staff
Miss Robinson After School Club Staff
Miss Johnston After School Club Staff
Miss Gregson After School Club Staff
Mrs Caine After School Club Staff
Mrs Cooper After School Club Staff


Mrs Banner Nursery Manager
Mrs Cooper Deputy Nursery Manager
Mrs Caine Nursery Practitioner
Miss Gregson Nursery Practitioner
  Nursery Practitioner

Mrs J Banner

Extended Services and Nursery Manager
Btec National Diploma in Childhood Studies

Mrs S Cooper

Deputy Nursery Manager
Early Years Teaching Status, BA Hons Early Years Leadership, Btec National Diploma in Childhood Studies

Mrs J Caine

Nursery Practitioner
NNEB, DPQS Diploma

Miss J Gregson

Nursery Practitioner
Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education

Mr J Cairns                                   Specialist in Flute, Piano and Singing
Mr J Rawlinson Specialist in Guitar