e-Safety at St. Anne's

In promoting e-safety, it is our aim at St. Anne’s to protect our children from the adverse consequences of access or misuse of electronic media. Children are frequently taught and reminded of the importance of online safety and the need to be just as careful with personal information in the virtual world as they are in the real world. E-safety is a term that not only refers to use of the internet, but it is applicable to other ways in which young people communicate using electronic media; such as mobile phones, online games and social media sites.

Through e-safety awareness we teach our children to understand that just as they wouldn’t talk to a complete stranger in the street, equally, they shouldn’t communicate with or disclose personal details to strangers online. If children are not sure about someone online, they know to tell a trusted adult immediately or press the ‘report abuse’ button on the CEOPs website. The link to CEOPs is at the bottom of this page.

Every year we hold a Safer Internet Day to raise children's awareness of e-safety.  This is in addition to regular activities and reminders during the school year.

Setting Parental Controls

Most of the main internet providers now allow you to set filters on your internet access. This can be  a useful tool to help limit what your children can access on their computers and devices.


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